History Week

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History Week is upon us!

Historically, there would be a host of wonderful live events to attend during history week, however this year the schedule is geared towards online events.  There are pod casts, videos, online walking tours, live talks, and exhibition and an e-book launch.  The events on this years program are still historical and are very free!

The program runs from 5-13 September, 2020 and includes some of the following highlights:

  • ‘Coronavirus at the end of history’ live stream history lecture, presented by Professor Stan Grant
  • ‘Still Standing’ oral history. Inner West Aboriginal brothers Dennis and Tom Moffatt will tell local Indigenous youth from the Koori club their life stories
Online Walking Tours
Carrington Road Online Walking Tour










There are several online walking tours, including:

  • Explore the industrial heritage of Carrington Road Marrickville, home to AH Peters (Kelloggs, Seelo Soap and Dairy Farmers), General Motors Rega Products and Civil Aviation, Pyre radio and TV factory – not to mention being the current home of Connect!
  • Discover the Cooks River’s habitats, biodiversity and waterways.
  • Hear about Ashfield’s People and Places – such as Quong and Margaret Tart and their five children (pictured), the civic hub of Ashfield on Liverpool Road and the bustling multicultural hub which Ashfield is today.
  • Admire the houses in Balmain, from ‘Humble to Handsome’.
  • Learn the rich local history of Leichhardt’s High Street.

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Connect’s Social Outings Calendar

Of course if you’re wanting to get out and about, our social outings calendar for the spring is out now.

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