Individual Transport Services

We help Clients get to a wide variety of destinations throughout the Inner West and the greater Sydney area.

Personal transport services within the Inner West

We provide a door-to-door individual transport service (picking you up from home and taking you back). You can request any destination within the Inner West including RPA Hospital. Out of area destinations may be available including medical facilities in and around the city.

Our service is like a taxi service for people who need a bit of extra assistance. We have a car, with a trained driver who will assist you from your home to the car, drive you to where you need to go and then help you from the car to your destination.

If you book a return trip, the driver will take you home after your visit or appointment.

When you know the dates of your appointments, please call the office immediately (between 8:00am and 4:00pm weekdays) to get a booking.

Community Cabcharge Card

For individual transport outside of Connect’s operating hours, why not take advantage of our new Community Cabcharge card.

This service allows clients to travel evenings and weekends via taxi at a subsidised rate.   Read the terms and conditions for more information and contact the office for more details.