Connect: Inner West Policy & Procedures

The Connect: Inner West Community Transport Group Board has several policy and procedures that ensure the safe and efficient running of our community transport service.

Code of Ethics & Conduct

Connect is committed to ensuring that all staff, volunteers and governing body members act ethically, responsibly and in the best interests of the organisation at all times.

The Service will maintain a service culture that is inclusive and welcoming; that celebrates community diversity in all its forms (including cultural diversity, religious diversity, financial status, sexual preference, gender identity).

Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy

Privacy & confidentiality

The Service will conform to both state and Commonwealth privacy legislation requirements regarding the collection, use and protection of personal information of our Clients, Staff, Volunteers, Board members and other agencies.

Privacy Policy

Internal Audit / Risk Management

Connect will conduct internal audits to ensure that the organisation’s policies and procedures are being implemented effectively, review risk management and identify areas for process improvement.

Staff will work collaboratively with the Connect Internal Audit/Risk Management Committee to ensure the best possible outcomes for the organisation.

Internal Audit/Risk Policy


An important source of information is customer feedback. We strive to continuously improve our service, and your feedback can assist us to do just that.

Knowing how users of our service feel ensures we can address that feedback and make positive improvements or changes to the service to benefit our clients going forward.

Connect has a clear complaints handling policy in place and will endeavour to address all feedback as quickly as possible.

You can provide feedback by calling our office, filling in our online form, or completing this form and mailing or delivering it directly to us.

Feedback Form