Cashless Covid

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Cash and the CoronavirusThe coronavirus pandemic has prompted many retailers to reconsider the use of cash, and many are now opting to go cashless.

While the move towards becoming cashless in many environments has been essentially a slow burn, the escalation of the Coronavirus and its potential transmission via money handling has become a real concern.  This, prompting an increasing amount of vendors to introduce a ‘cashless Covid’ operating model.


Clients should be mindful of this shift when going on outings or shopping trips, ensuring they have means of payment in locations that cash may not be accepted.

Connect is going cashless!

Connect has made the decision to move towards cashless (and cheque-less) transacting.

We are still accepting cash at this time, but encourage our clients to begin the transition to electronic payment options soon.  The elimination of cash is not specifically Covid19 related, but is an important consideration due to the vulnerability of our client base.  The change is also intended to increase efficiency – enabling our drivers and bus assistants more time on the welfare of our clients, and less handling payments.

We have recently equipped all vehicles with Square payment terminals, allowing our clients contact-less payment via credit or debit card.  Clients can also to pay for their trips and bookings over the phone.

If you would like more information about our new payment methods, please call the office.

Spring Calendar

Don’t forget our Spring calendar is available.   Due to social distancing measures, spots are limited so book early to secure your place.

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