Getting started with community transport services

The purpose of community transport is make sure everybody in society has a ‘fair go’. We want to ensure everyone has access to passenger transport services to help them carry on with life.

How do I know if I can access community transport?

Connect: Inner West services are funded under 2 different programs:

  • The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), and
  • The Community Transport Program (CTP)

Connect: Inner West applies for funding under these (and other) programs, but the decisions are made by politicians and bureaucracies. The funding defines the eligibility requirements – they are not decided by Connect: Inner West. Both these funding sources have different eligibility requirements.

Most clients must apply to use our services through the My Aged Care portal. Visit their website or call 1800 200 422 to find out more.

CHSP funded services

CHSP funding is focused on those with a disability and older people who need help getting out and about. CHSP is about helping people stay in their homes and providing basic services that make that happen.

If you already get other CHSP services like Meals on Wheels or Neighbour Aid, then you’re probably already eligible.

Generally, if you’re in an aged care facility, there is usually assisted care included as part of the service and we can’t provide a community transport service.

However, don’t count yourself in (or count yourself out). The best thing to do is to check with our office.

CTP funded services

CTP services are for people who are “Transport Disadvantaged”. This is when you have limited or no access to private transport and can’t make use of ‘conventional’ transport, like buses or trains.

It’s not just whether conventional transport services operate near you, it’s also whether you can use them.

Unlike CHSP, CTP services are available to a person of any age, with or without a disability – they’re for anybody who is Transport Disadvantaged.

If you’re not sure, contact our office.

Contact Us

How do I work out which service is best for me?

Please phone our office on 9558 6800. Our office staff can discuss your circumstances with you and advise you about both services and eligibility. If you’re not eligible, our staff will do their best to advise you of any transport alternatives.

I’m eligible. How do I start using Connect: Inner West Community Transport services?

Firstly, you’ll be asked for basic service intake details.

The next part is to find out about how we can best serve you. That involves asking questions about your ability to do things now. That’s so we can ensure our driving staff know in advance about things like whether or not you’ll need assistance from the door, getting into the vehicle, etc.

We need to know the name and some details of who to contact in case of an emergency, your Carer (if you have one), etc.

In the interest of serving you better, we hope you’ll consider providing answers, but it’s your decision to answer questions or not.

Registration involves providing information about your doctor and emergency contacts. If you have details such as phone numbers and addresses ready before you call, it makes the process quicker and easier. It’s important that you authorise the person you nominate to be your contact.

What happens after I’m registered?

We will review your service plan over the phone with you.

We will send you a welcome pack which includes resources such as the Client Handbook and other information about our services.  The pack will also include a copy of the Charter of Aged Care Rights which outlines your rights as a consumer.

How do I book a service?

Bookings can only be made by calling the office, not directly with Drivers.

Different services have different ways to book. Regular shopping services can be booked on a routine basis, such as a permanent fortnightly booking. Or you may prefer to just call (in advance) when you want to use them.

Transport to appointments is usually booked as soon as you get the appointment.

Whatever the case, make sure you make your transport request as early as you can.

If you want a trip to a doctor’s appointment, then please ensure you contact the office as soon as you know when your appointment is.