World’s 40 Coolest Neighbourhoods

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The results are in!  Marrickville has been rated as number 10 of the 40 coolest neighbourhoods in the world!

Timeout magazine surveyed thousands  of people and asked local experts to rank the greatest places right now for fun, food, culture and community.  And, no surprise, Marrickville makes it to the top 10.

Of course the locals could have predicted such a result – but always nice to have those suspicions confirmed!
Read what they have to say about our small neck of the woods.


10.  Marrickville

Photo Credit: Daniel Boud

Sydney can be a pretty tribal city, with specific ’hoods defined by their cultural niches: China Town in Haymarket, Little Italy in Leichhardt, the backpacker bubble in Bondi, the gay village on Oxford Street. Marrickville, on the other hand, is a true melting pot, and this diversity is surely the X-factor behind its ascent as Sydney’s trending suburb.

It’s a place of surprising dualities, where the artisan bakers at Two Chaps and the stylish sommeliers at Where’s Nick share the same curb as a no-frills Vietnamese sandwich shop like Marrickville Pork Roll (the best damn bánh mì in the city) and the dive-bar vibes of the Marrickville Hotel. Waves of Portuguese, Vietnamese, Italian and Greek migrants have added to the richness of Marrickville’s culture, spearheading the emergence of perhaps the most eclectic food scene in the city. Streets lined with Federation-era houses and leafy enclaves protect the suburb’s all-are-welcome essence.

As per the typical rules of gentrification, artists and queer creatives have also been key in turning this once-industrial corner of the city into a highly desirable postcode – but the twist is that these communities have stuck around even as middle-class families have increasingly embraced Marrickville as home. Despite its proximity to the eye-wateringly pricy inner city, Marrickville has managed to remain affordable and inclusive, largely thanks to the continuing absence of soulless high-rise developments and juggernaut hospitality franchises. Long may it last.

Maxim Boon, Time Out Sydney

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