Visit a Museum from Home

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Missing our social Outings?

You can always visit a museum from home!

Let Connect take you on a tour of Sydney Living Museums from the comfort and warmth of your own armchair.

A Thousand Words is a collaboration between Sydney Living Museums and NSW State Archives.

A Thousand Words presents 100 of the most compelling photographic images from the rich collections of Sydney Living Museums and NSW State Archives, taken between the 1880s and the 1980s.

Visit the online exhibition to view audience responses to the first 20 images, explore wonderful creative works from artists and writers, and add your own responses!

Every month until October 20 new photos will be released, along with their audience responses and the ‘official story’ behind each image.

In addition to this exhibition there are loads of other wonderful collections and stories surrounding our rich history for you to enjoy.


We look forward to re-commencing our regular social outings as soon as we are able, but until then stay tuned for more of Connect’s “Indoor Outings”!

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