The TigeRider shuttle is a door-to-door transport service for Clients living north of Parramatta Road in the former Leichhardt LGA. It combines features of both a door-to-door service with a route service. It’s like a cross between a taxi and a bus service.
Community Transport in Sydney's Inner West

How does the TigeRider Shuttle bus work?

You have the choice of being collected from either a specific spot e.g. your home or one of the fixed TigeRider stops. You can request any destination south of Parramatta Road in the former Leichhardt LGA or facilities at RPA hospital.

The TigeRider shuttle is on the road from 8:15am to 3:30pm Tuesdays and Fridays, excluding public holidays. The first person is normally picked up about 8:30 am. Your pick up time depends on where you live and how the Driver’s schedule is arranged. You will need to check with the office when you book.

You must be ready when the driver calls and follow his/her directions.

The Driver is happy to help you on and off the bus if required.

Where are the designated stops

The TigeRider shuttle bus stops are:

  • Balmain Hospital – Near the Disabled Parking Area, close to the Ambulance Driveway.
  • Norton Plaza – Outside the front of the Shopping Centre at Bus Stop.
  • Marketplace Shopping Centre – Close to Taxi Zone, Flood St, side of Centre.

What is the approximate TigeRider timetable?

The TigeRider runs every Tuesday and Friday.

TigeR stopsBalmain to Leichhardt (times are approximate)
Balmain hospital8:30 am10:45am *1:30 pm *
Marketplace9:10 am11:25 am2:10 pm
Norton Plaza9:15 am11:30 am2:15 pm


TigeR stopsLeichhardt to Balmain (times are approximate)
Norton Plaza9:45 am12:00 pm2:45 pm
Marketplace9:50 am12:05 pm2:50 pm
Balmain hospital10:30 am*12:45 pm*3:15 pm

*Driver break