Social Outings calendar

Summer is upon us!

With the warm days approaching we have a huge array of social outings and activities to enjoy.  Our summer calendar is bursting with things to do, places to go and people to see – so don’t miss out!

And with summer comes Christmas!  I’m sure no-one can believe we are already approaching the end of year.  Be sure to peruse all the Christmas themed outings in the calendar, as well as making special note of our Christmas and New Year opening hours and limited shopping services.

Christmas and New Year Services

The Connect office will be closed for business from Saturday 24 December 2022 and will reopen for usual business on Tuesday 3 January 2023.  Note that our phones and message service WILL NOT be accessed by staff during this period.

Seniors Festival

The NSW Seniors Festival is back and to celebrate all our wonderful seniors all outings from Wednesday 1 February to Saturday 11 February 2023 are on us!   That’s right – Connect is picking up the cost of the bus fare for all our CHSP and CTP clients! Get in quick as places will fill up fast!

Weekend Away

What time is it?    Its wine o’clock!

We have another fabulous weekend away planned for you in March 2023.  Due to popular demand, we will be heading to the beautiful Hunter Valley.    There will be wine, chocolates, leisurely lunches, gardens…… and more wine.

While we are still working out the logistics, it is estimated that this trip will cost between $500-$600 for a single room and $350–$450 for a twin share room.  Once we have some vineyard tours, tastings, activities and accommodation locked in, we will be able to provide a more accurate final cost.

Places are strictly limited, so please call to express your interest.

Fit & Fabulous for a Fiver!

Our walking group is growing in popularity, so make the most of the sunshine and join us!

You can walk as fast or slow, as far or as little as you feel up to in the designated walking time period.   The walk is followed by a morning tea stop for refreshments.

Wearing of Masks

Masks are no longer mandatory while using public transport, including community transport.

Connect, in line with NSW Health advice, continues to recommend strongly that people wear masks where they cannot physically distance from others, and in settings where there are vulnerable people and those who are at high risk of severe illness. Masks are still required in public and private health facilities.

You can visit NSW Health directly to keep up to date with current advice.

Register your mobile number and email address and don’t miss out!

The fastest way to contact you and provide important updates is via mobile phone and/or email updates.   If you have a mobile number or email address that you haven’t provided us, please do so, to ensure you receive all news as it happens.

As on all of our calendars, we will continue to enjoy many of Sydney’s beautiful parks, gardens and beaches. There are shopping trips, lunches and scenic drives.

Our popular short day outings continue to operate.  These outings cost only $10* and include specialty shopping, Morning Tea Club, museums, trips to local points of interest etc.    These trips will not usually include a stop for lunch, instead will take you to your destination and back with fewer stops than a full day outing.

Be sure to look at the handy key provided on the calendar, to indicate the conditions you can expect on the outing.   For example, if you can expect a lot of stairs, how much walking, and whether or not one of our Bus Assistants will be accompanying the group.  We will also make mention of any lunches booked that may be slightly fancy, so clients know in advance if they should expect to pay more on a particular outing.  We hope this helps you in your selection of the outings that best suit you. Book your place early to avoid missing out!

As always we love hearing your ideas.  So, if you have any suggestions for a fabulous outing, please be sure and let us know so that we can add them to our upcoming calendars!

* Please note that the cost of $10 does not apply to HCP or NDIS clients, who will continue to be charged at a full cost recovery basis.
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