Connect: Inner West – outings calendar


The autumn calendar is out, and once again it does not disappoint!

We have loads of outdoor activities on offer while we take advantage of the remaining warm (and hopefully dry) weather.  Join us for a cruise on one of Sydney’s stunning waterways, or visit a variety of beaches, parks and gardens.  There are shopping trips, lunches and scenic drives.   Something for everyone!    Be sure to note the booking windows for each outing to avoid disappointment as places will fill up fast!

In response to client feedback, we will continue with the addition of new short day outings.  The outings cost only $10* and include shopping shuttles, Morning Tea Club, trips to local points of interest etc.    These trips will not include a stop for lunch, instead will take you to your destination and back with fewer stops than the full day outings.

We have also added a new handy key to indicate the conditions you can expect on the outing.   For example, if you can expect a lot of stairs, how much walking, and whether or not one of our Bus Assistants will be accompanying the group.  We will also make mention of any lunches booked that may be slightly fancy, so clients know in advance if they should expect to pay more on a particular outing.  We hope this helps you in your selection of the outings that best suit you.

It is mandatory that masks be worn on all services by both staff and clients.  We ask that all clients wash continue to wash their hands before being picked up and use the sanitiser available throughout the day.  If you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of cold or flu, we ask that you do not travel.

As always we love hearing your ideas.  So, if you have any suggestions for a fabulous outing, please be sure and let us know so that we can add them to our upcoming calendars!


* Please note that the cost of $10 does not apply to HCP or NDIS clients, who will continue to be charged at a full cost recovery basis.
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