NDIS Clients

This page provides information which is specifically relevant to Connect’s NDIS clients.

Incident Management

Connect is committed to ensuring that incidents which occur in relation to the provision of services are managed consistently and effectively.  It is important to us that workers can identify, manage, report and resolve incidents.  Connect reviews data on incidents in order to inform improvement activities.  Our Incident Management and Procedures Policy outlines Connect’s processes.

Open Disclosure

Open disclosure is the open discussion with a client and/or their support person/s regarding incidents that resulted, or could have resulted, in harm to a client while receiving care.

Connect strives to create a positive culture of trusted and productive communication between clients, support persons and the workforce.   Our Open Disclosure Policy forms part of Connect’s broader incident management system.

Handling of Feedback

An important source of information is customer feedback. We strive to continuously improve our service, and your feedback can assist us to do just that.

Knowing how users of our service feel ensures we can address that feedback and make positive improvements or changes to the service to benefit our clients going forward.

Connect has a clear complaints handling policy in place.  You will also find a section in our NDIS Client Handbook outlining the process in full.

Complaints may be made by:

  • Submitting a completed Feedback and Complaints form to admin@connectinnerwest.org.au. The Feedback and Complaints form is available in hard copy.
  • Written complaints may also be sent to Connect’s postal address. The Operations Manager will be responsible for receiving this correspondence and directing it to the appropriate person.
  • Feedback and complaints via telephone may be made on (02) 9558 6800

Client participation

Membership of Connect is open to all, including our NDIS clients.

Membership of Connect provides an opportunity to provide input into the mission, values and strategic direction of Connect.

Find out more about Connect and our governance, or feel free to speak with the General Manager.

Connect Policies & Procedures

Connect has several other policy and procedures in place that ensure the safe and efficient running of our community transport service.