Wellness and reablement mission at Connect: Inner West


A community in which all individuals and groups have access to appropriate transport options in order to fully enable their participation, development and well-being within the community.


To provide and promote safe and affordable transport services, that fully enable all individuals and groups to maintain or achieve their independence and quality of life within their community.

Wellness & Reablement

Wellness and reablement is a core part of our service delivery. Our transport services help community members lead independent lives. We help them with necessary day to day tasks by providing the transport to get where they need to go.

We help with transport to shopping centres, medical appointments and other locations. We also link people living north and south of Parramatta Road in the former Leichhardt and Marrickville LGAs with social activities.

Help is part of our service although our level of personal help varies depending on the service. We are passionate about helping the members of our community to live active, independent lives.

Strong values are at the core of our organisation


Services accessible to – and utilised by – all those in need of them, irrespective of age, gender, cultural or religious affiliation, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability.

Safety and wellbeing

Striving to ensure the safety and to enhance the wellbeing of our organisation’s workers, clients and the wider community.


Best practice services responsive to new demands, opportunities and innovations.


The maintenance of high quality community transport options for the future through strategic planning, advocacy and networking.


Engaging our clients and the community in service planning, and working collaboratively with community and government organisations to build the regional capacity of community transport.

Integrity & compliance

Transparent governance, legally compliant administration and ethically sound practice.


Developing ecologically sustainable transport options for the community.